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explosive new allegations in an infamous case of voter intimidation. >> not the fleeting i wanted of any political party. >> members of new black panther party. issuing threats to voters. >> somebody at doj. >> why would a bankrupt company
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that owes a fortune be throwing away millions of dollars of assets? >> companies like solyndra is leading zbliatd solyndra still owes half a billion dollars. >> federal agency is now retaliated go by firing the agent who blew the whisology the mission that allowed thousands of guns to get the hands of mexican drug lords. >> a dozen or hundreds of guns, you are talking about thousands of weapons. >> who authorized this program. >> at the very highest level at the department of justice, they knew what was happening. >> eric holder was sent.... >> i heard about fast and furious over the past few weeks. >> ten months before that. >> a cover-up and deception. >> allowing people that are not citizens of the united states to vote. >> these ballots are being in the name of the dead. >> he is registered to vote.
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>> it would require identification before they went to the i.d. against the poor, elderly. >> how the structure is putting in place. how they are distributed. whether it has an impact on people of certain race. >> why would it? >> it feels like a lot of these laws are in search of solution to a problem. >> would that be of interest in the f.b.i.? >> sean: welcome to that to a special edition. that was movie called district of corruption. we'll be showing you clips throughout the hour tonight and current administration was supposed to be most transparent in history. it's turned out to be anything but the. now, we have another four years to look forward. so can we anticipate corruption until 2016. joining me is director of the
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film steve banan and president of judicial watch and film's producer. tom finten. >> explain what we saw in that clip? >> i wanted to make a film, i think washington is an imperial city. it's been detached from the american people. i wanted to show how it happened. how this corruption, how this happened over the last 20 years and particularly how it's culminated in the obama administration. every administration runs to be the most transparent administration. >> sean: they are full of it? >> clinton and bush and obama, each time they run because the american people want transparency and open and a government that is not in their lives eesmt one gets more power to themselves. that is why using the judicial watch david versus goliath, a small organization that is as tough as nails, confronting administration and taking the
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best of young talent. the town halls and breitbarts and mike flints and tell the whole story and end with the obama administration that concentrates what they have done. when you see it altogether you are shocked. >> we started with solyndra and fast and furious and benghazi scandal when you were doing the film. >> it's the same time of thing. >> the media can only cover so much about the scandals. this is the first time people will have an opportunity to see a sustained discussion of important issues. we cover a lot of it but now we know there are hundreds of others, mexicans who were killed as a result of these guns. this movie is the first long term discussion of this important scandal. >> sean: we'll get into this in
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more detail but in the case of fast and furious, our government gave guns to gang members, cartels, drug dealers, we didn't track them and they result in the deaths of a lot of people including a border agent. when we are looking for information executive privilege is invoked. transparent administration? >> this is less transparent than the bush administration. they fight us on virtually every document request we've made. we've made almost a thousand. we filed over a hundred lawsuits. the problem with this administration is they talk a line of transparency but they fight you to death in courts. whether it be fast and furious, you have to go to court. >> sean: and benghazi and solyndra. >> it's not just about obama, it's all the president's men. the real villain is arguably
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eric hold are. his justice department is evil when it comes to public policy discussions. >> you say executive privilege. that is a year into the process. they fight congress tooth and nail to release any documents. about the film that is show shocking it's literally like tom said, now it's benghazi and univision came out with more people in mexico. >> sean: thousands of guns. kids that were mowed down. these are assault weapons. look who they are giving it to, to cartel members. to known drug dealers with no means of tracking it. here, go kill people. by the way, for almost a year the mainstream media except for cbs, you had katie and matt and kerry picket, intrepid young reporters, it would have died.
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>> sean: so basically what you are doing is putting all this great information that people work very hard to get out there and putting out there and saying this is what we're looking at. >> it's a close go argument for this election cycle. we go back to the clinton days. remember the chinese general, clinton was about money. they came from arkansas, they saw a way to enrich themselves. then the bush administration which tom tried to take to the supreme court. the obama administration, he ran specifically of power of hope and change. i'm going to be most transparent administration in american history. second or third act of this film is absolutely shocking because it's shown how the new media companies have tried to fight him every step of the way. >> the problem is the film points it out, it didn't begin
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with the obama administration and it won't end. >> sean: we're going to take a break. they'll expose the dangerous precedent of the obama administration. >> look at the obama administration they brought in a support system of unelected, unaccountable people who will make this country fundamentally different from what it should be as a republic. [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again.
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the obama administration has more czars than the moranovs. >> whether it comes to the soldiers, every president should avail themselves of the best advisors on any issue that affects the nation. but under the obama administration they brought in a support system of unelected unaccountable people who will make this country fundamentally different from what it should be as a republic. >> this has been an attack on accountable government.
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the constitution requires if you are running a cabinet agency you get vetted by the senate. that is make sure that you are ethical and do the job. >> republicans were able to put things through when they had less than 60 senators and we can't. >> it goes beyond it. >> it was deliberate end run where political operatives could never get past public scrutiny because of their radical views. >> sean: welcome to back. that was another clip from the movie, district of corruption. steve and tom are still here. what was said here, you talked about the constitution requiring this, let's bypass the system and we get unelected, unaccountable people that will follow whatever the agenda is
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and no opinion put from elected representatives. so the president figured out a way to bypass congress? >> with obama, like everything else what we don't like about government he does more of. when he brings these officials into the white house, it means you can't get records from under the freedom of information act. congress can't bring them in for testimony as they are able to do with other officials in agencies like the epa. so when cal browner the green energy czar is bringing in carmakers to talk about gas mileage, she says don't write anything down. >> this is where we get van jones and 9/11 truther. >> the reason we do this we go through clinton and bush. the reason we start here, the guy ran on transparency. first thing he does, remember
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the obama administration, they are strategic. they have two things. number one, they have a group of political operatives like the van joneses of the world. that couldn't run big agencies. in addition to tom's pointed the thing of open records. with the defense department, there is a whole system to get information but if you are running out of the white house and conference rooms out of the white house with people that have mega responsibility over several agencies. this was very well thought in. they walked in with 30 czars. it was two fold. people who are political operatives with radical backgrounds didn't have any experience and the fact that they thought they would get away scott free. >> sean: they did get away with these appointments, right? >> congress needs to take
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responsibility. oversight over the government has decreased. the government is spending trillion extra. there used to be five oversight, you would need thousand darrell issas to run to all the fires. it needs to say no to these appointments by the soldiers. >> sean: what does he say in his book -- all of this basically tramples on the constitution in terms of oversight. >> on top that, obama promised him differently. he promised when these folks came in. >> sean: why has everybody ignored it. i bet for a lot of people are hearing this for the first time. we follow it every day.
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>> one thing that got brought up by new media it was like fox media that brought up van jones and radical background. with carol brunner and van jones and holder and kevin jennings, you had all these people that couldn't be confirmed by a democratic senate. it was dog's breakfast of appointments. to me it should be a campaign issue. >> sean: it allowed him to appoint the radical people so he could advance a radical agenda. in many ways he was successful. is there anything you can do legally to prevent this from happening? >> congress needs to take steps here. i think the best approach is the approach to get the documents about what they are up to. only when you expose what they are doing can you hold them to account. elizabeth warren says she wasn't helping the attorney generals
9:18 pm
with the shake down of the mortgage interest. we got documents that she was lying and she was helping them. she wasn't supposed to be doing that. movie is not just about a complaint about government corruption. don't rely on congress, don't rely on the big media or legacy media. you need activist groups like judicial watch to get this information out there. congress isn't going to do it. the media, they are not going to do it. it will come a shock to the american people. >> sean: good to see you both. coming up, the disastrous investment that cost half a billion dollars, where did your hard money go? that answer is coming up next. >> this white house is completely comfortable with taking billions of your dollars
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i can pass out loans and grants and one of noble causes they used for the stimulus was green energy. who was opposed to the idea that we need alternatives to dependence on middle east oil but who is opposed to create high-tech green jobs. in the loan program which is designed to provide loans for companies like solyndra, there was $20 billion that was committed to companies. of that $20 billion, you can directly link more than $16 billion of it to finance others who are either members of
9:23 pm
obama's finance campaign committee or bunglers to his campaign. >> solyndra was a joke. >> this white house is taking billions of your dollars and doling it out to favorite interests, favorite companies and political contributors. >> we saw its failure and we the taxpayer got nothing out of the deal. >> it's inherently corrupt. they don't think anything is wrong with it. president obama, he thinks he is the law. >> sean: i couldn't agree anymore. district of corruption, movie highlights disturbing things president obama has done. joining me to talk about the botched solyndra investment, president of the government accountability institute, peter sweizter is with us. it wasn't just solyndra.
9:24 pm
so the weeks before they get this money. we got the big bunglers on obama they get four or five times access and billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars goes belly-up. they get access to the president because they donated money to his campaign. it sounds like a kickback to me? >> i call it the recycling program. you are recycling money back to the campaign contributors. people have the impression green energy program that investment programs are run by engineers and scientists. reality is political appointees are making the decisions and making decisions what is best for their political benefit and what benefits the president. it ends up being given to people who have contributed and help put the president.... >> sean: green energy, not
9:25 pm
dependent on foreign oil. so in come the bun ghrers, the money is wasted. we're left holding the bag with $16 trillion in debt. yet most people are not outraged over this. it's solyndra, sun power, we are drilling for oil in brazil. we are building electric cars in finland from stimulus dollars there is no rhyme or reason that makes sense. it's designed to use taxpayer dollars as gift bag to give supporters. what you find oftentimes, in the case of solyndra, in the case of some of these other companies, they get government money, sometimes it's a loan. sometimes it's an outright cash grant and then issue an ipo of stock. initial investors would cite the fact they are getting federal money to reason to argue why
9:26 pm
their business is so sound. >> sean: so they make more money on top of it. so they have plenty money of to give. so you have bunglers, access, money back to obama. >> exactly. there is a company out of berkeley, california. a couple weeks they get $25 million cash grant from the federal government, senator dianne feinstein by a million dollar equity in the company. they get the $25 million federal government grant. few months after that, they have a public ipo. initial investors al gore and his business partners, see their investment go from $12 million to $80 million due to the ipo. >> sean: how much money are we talking about. to a person that is watching this program, how much of their money was given to these companies because they raised
9:27 pm
money for the election campaign? >> tens of billions of dollars. >> sean: how much is wasted? >> i think the overall amount has been wasted. there is a number of bankruptcies. they literally gave $1.6 billion to a company called bright source energy which is already $1.8 billion in debt. it lies money every year and we have poured this additional money into it. that company does not have a business model that works. the problem is, because these decisions are being made for political reasons, they really don't care. >> sean: you think it would be different if it were a republican president and hundreds of billions of dollars. would the reaction be different? >> i think the reaction would be different. we talked about this before, i'm frankly skeptical of human nature. any politician, if you give them
9:28 pm
the opportunity to take tens of billions of dollars and give them to different people for noble causes, the temptation will be overwhelming to anyone. >> sean: am i wrong in characterizing this as a kickback scheme? >> not at all. >> sean: am i wrong as the double kickback? >> i would say more. we actually looked at the numbers, the amount of money they raised for the president's election, the money they got back in texas pair money, they got a heck of return on their investment. for every dollar back, they got back $21,000 taxpayer money. >> sean: pretty sweet deal. it's hard for families trying to pay mortgage and sending kids to school, one in six americans in policy. you can buy a lot of food for the poor people. >> crony capitalism, welfare for
9:29 pm
the well off. you see all these investors could have done it. >> sean: coming up, we examine the botched gun operation known as fast and furious and how it has left blood on the hands of this administration. >> it's where you have a political scandal where you can tie murders to the actions, specific actions of an administration. [ morgan ] what's better than epic offers from visa like 20% off ea sports madden nfl 13? you should never go forth and fourteen, you can't do that. [ morgan ] getting a chance to hang out with madden in his game room. blue go. did you hear the pop? [ morgan ] and barbecue with madden. watch football with madden. learn from madden. was that good, coach? [ morgan ] and get coached by the ultimate coach madden. does all this make sense to you? um, yeah. [ morgan ] yup, pretty epic. join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic.
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♪ harder than before it's where you have a political scandal you can tie murders to the actions, specific actions of an administration. >> operation fast and furious was the most ill-conceived law enforcement operation i've heard of in my lifetime. >> when you think about an administration, a justice department actually creates a program that will sell guns to criminals to set up that program and to talk gun dealers into selling guns to people they don't want to sell to, fast and furious is contempt for the rule of law. we're not enforcing the rules.
9:34 pm
>> can you imagine if mexico had a program or canada had a program where they let guns walk into america what our state department would have done. >> sean: welcome back. the botched atf operation not only let guns walk into mexico it also cost border agent brian terry his life. reaction of two people that have been following the story, kerry picket and katie pavlitch is with us. let's watch through this. so our government gave guns to drug dealers, cartels, kidnappers and they gave them the guns and didn't track them? >> giving them to people who are willing to go into a teenage birthday party and mow people
9:35 pm
down. these are kinds of people they were arming here. >> unfortunately, we are also seeing our justice department does not want to take responsibility. since the report came out, eric holder is not being held responsible. you have one retirement. you have one resignation. therefore, eric holder he is okay. you know what in the end, the inspector general said not exactly because eric holder still has to account for a lot of people that were under him. >> sean: darrell issa who is doing his job. he has been trying to get to the bottom of this from day one. all they have done is they have stonewalled and stonewalled. then we get to the point there is going to be a contempt charge. then at the last minute, in comes executive privilege so they can stone wall further. >> this is case where justice
9:36 pm
department giving them 7,000 pages of blacked out material means transparency. president obama coming in 15 minutes to oversight committee on capitol hill and you have eric holder continually saying low level rogue operation, if that was the case --. >> sean: they also said, great skepticism in terms of what eric holder knew. everybody around him knew, they find a little bit difficult to believe he had no knowledge of this at all. >> if you notice, the i.g. also mentioned the justice department was not forthcoming in giving out materials that the congress wanted. when you have your own inspector general mentioning that to you, look, the republicans and some democrats as well were being very upset about not giving if materials, then obviously there is something going on in the
9:37 pm
justice department. >> it goes up to the white house. the white house wasn't cooperating with the inspector general investigation at all. kef o'reilly was getting e-mails and guess what happened to him. they shifted him off to state department. he is not available to answer questions from congress. >> sean: this just started under president bush. that is lie. explain. >> let's remember here that when operation wide receiver which they like to refer as bush's gun running program they were doing it in cooperation with the mexican government. >> sean: it's a big difference. >> and purchasers rather than watching them over a year buying the guns and going too mexico. >> when they realized some of mexican authorities also weren't
9:38 pm
picking up some of these criminals, let's scrap the program. obama administration started it up, they just, of course, weren't tracking it. gee, these aren't going to be working in these guns, the chip aren't going to be working so let's let them go. >> they weren't attempting to track down the gun. out of 2500 weapons, maybe more, two recording devices. >> sean: they were supposed to put them on all of them. >> they said look, a former atf special agent who was in charge of fast and furious, he needed guns to be showing up at crime scenes so he could find them. that was the only way they were finding weapons and tracing them back to the united states. >> sean: now there are a lot of dead people including a border agent and young kids in mexico.
9:39 pm
blown away by guns provided by the u.s. government. >> no accountability. >> and they showed how tainted it was, diego, he was captured with a fast and furious gun and that is absolutely unacceptable. >> let's not forget the former brother of chihuahua attorney general that was tortured and they had fast and furious guns. >> sean: good to see you. we have exposed president obama's past association with group acorn. there is new association. >> it follows the teachings, the father of modern community organizing and everything he did was aimed at moving america even farther down the road towards radical socialism. [ whistle blows ]
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♪ hah
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right at the same time clinton was coming up the ranks. >> acorn is about encouraging people to get on welfare and cause trouble with their landlords and go on rented strikes to smash the system. >> acorn has been like that. >> it follows the teachings of
9:44 pm
salinski and everything was aimed at moving america farther down the road to radical socialism. same people who supported the weather underground supported acorn. these groups did more things for redistribution. it's largely an african-american association but the leadership has dominated by white people and very rarely to black people have any positions of real authority in the organization. >> sean: welcome back. that was yet another clip of up combing movie. joining us is david web. good to see you. you took a lot of heat when you came out about acorn and said some things. what is the status of that? >> right now, i think people are starting to realize a lot of
9:45 pm
things i am saying are true. freedom of information act requests some of the things that are really going on inside the organization. the fact they haven't gone anywhere and they are working with the department of justice. >> sean: i didn't know, we have been friends a long time, and you knew extent and been investigating it, as well. >> acorn and starting looking at them back in 1998. there is tie between houston and new orleans culturally. so you saw what came out of the acorn like approaches. this is one of the biggest failures. that is sheila jackson lee's district. this started back in 1975. the henry royce act was introduced it was passed. legacy of carter and extreme far left agenda was to push this
9:46 pm
outcome. >> sean: the community reinvestment act allowed people that couldn't afford homes to force banks and lending institutions to lower their standards under the belief that every american had the right to a home to be able to pay back the mortgage or not. >> this ties to the actions of not only this president but those in his administration. take over the banks. go in and advocate and put pressure through acorn like tactics and get the banks to do it. >> but what is the connection to obama and linsky to redistribution. this is the foundation of who he is? >> absolutely. what you do you put pressure on the institutions. yet the legislators backed it up by ensuring the loans, freddie mac that writes it. fannie says we'll back you up and you get taxpayer dollars used.
9:47 pm
this redistribution, warren courts didn't go faul far enough. it was only to acquire power and not really to help those people. look at slums in chicago. what has he achieved. what has been the return on investment for all these communities? >> sean: is this foundation of who obama is and his background? >> yes. acorn used under the table income and used food stamps. >> sean: food stamps to buy a home? >> yes, as income? >> yes. >> if it counted as income they would find a way. it's about lowering the bar to join the program. if you lower the bar in anything then anybody can get in. that is where the massive fraud starts occurring. >> sean: what about the acorn videos, what does it tell us about their organization?
9:48 pm
>> there was a culture of cooperation. longer you stayed there you got to see what was going on and people started looking the other way for the greater good. that led to cooperation at every level. >> sean: corruption being? >> let's call it taxpayer funded for one thing, incentives. >> sean: political. >> political payoffs. >> helping one party win over another. >> they promise an equal outcome. they give you a false notion that it does exist and collusion the al sharptons and jesse jacksons, this is no n concert and entire culture to use anita's words and it is fostered by private sector collusion but it's all liberal policies. again 40 years or plus since the
9:49 pm
great society. since all these things come into play, you are living third generation in the slums, in the same projects. >> sean: last word. >> people should realize that acorn is obama's agenda. obama is pushing the agenda right now through the white house. >> sean: thank you for this incredible hard work. and to president obama and his team have been given four years in washington. what does it mean for the cronyism to reward political contributors? we'll have a preview of the next four years as we continue. bass pro shops opens at 5am on black friday for huge savings on great gifts. like...
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>> americans free market capitalism has become crony captain lifl. they are entrepreneurs, they don't have a service to sell to people want. they can sell access, information and taxpayer money and use the power of the state to enrich them and their friends >> traditionally the media were supposed to police the elected officials. what happened over the decades they became their neighbors. >> the candidate himself does a good deal of personal canvassing. >> they don't want to lose that access. >> trainer's is enemy of cronyism. if it's the center point of american politics, they will make sure everything to make
9:54 pm
sure the lights stay off so they can do what they want to. >> sean: that was another clip. washington has been filled trading campaign cash for power. it wasn't about four years ago that entire new level of cronyism moved into town and it's called the chicago way. obama administration brought the chicago way to washington, d.c. >> it's about 35,000 people who make a lig off of politics. >> in the chicago way, you have bun ghrers and political allies with jobs and government money. we have seen an explosion of that.
9:55 pm
80% of major bun ghrers took jobs in the administration. rahm emanuel then he went on to be mayor of chicago. then who replaced him, bill daly the brother. >> it started with clinton and bush and then raised it to entirely new levels. >> sean: we get his chicago pals four more years, don't expect the corruption to go away anytime soon. >> i'm doing great. >> i guess we have been governed by this political class. you got solyndra and all this corruption, you bundle money and you can blow taxpayer money. >> don't forget we'll have more government picking winners and losers. first thing i learned about barack obama in the debates, he thinks it's the government's job when it comes to energy and who
9:56 pm
should be succeeding and it's with all taxpayer money. our taxpayer money is funding these things that in the free market ordinarily without that money would be failing. these big obama donors are getting their payoff. they are getting bonuses and american people are the ones on who are suffering. >> sean: it's funny to me even if you go to the auto bailout, what was obama doing? was he not thinking about reelection or does he think picking winners and losers. every small business that went bankrupt in the last four years, every person that has a house underwater, they didn't get a bailout. >> he wanted to paint himself as an ally of the people who work main street as opposed to wall street. when you deal with george kaiser
9:57 pm
and solyndra, he is a billionaire. the fact it went down and taxpayer money went down. he is not alying with regular americans that are struggling. he is alying himself with big donors that funnel their money back in the campaign. >> sean: what about this idea? the media wants access. as soon as they start asking tough questions, what happens? they are denied access. they don't ask the tough questions. they don't do the follow-up? >> they don't ask the tough questions because they will have to hold the president accountable. we have seen it on numerous domestic issues, national security issues, benghazi. they don't want to ask those questions because they have to report that the president doesn't have details. he doesn't want to give details on about the visitor log and who is going into the white house to lay claim on the money that they will be distributing out. that is why the media don't want
9:58 pm
to be do it. they want to be allies of the administration. >> sean: it comes to a pointed, how an objective person, for all the demon swaigsization to conservatives and wealthy, they need to pay more. isn't eight government they take taxpayer dollars, they create dependency and they have voting class to keep them in power. why don't people see it? >> i didn't hear solyndra talked about during the campaign. all these issues reflected a complete lack of transparency on the part of obama administration i didn't hear that articulated so well. i heard mitt romney have a forward vision but i didn't hear hear him hold him accountable. where did fast and furious
9:59 pm
documents? who has been in the white house? we don't have any of this information. why is that? >> sean: and latest is with benghazi. it seems that the level of arrogance. why shouldn't it have. they are not held accountable. it's going to get worse. >> i think the obama administration really feels they are above the law. they don't have to be held to these standards, no one has complained thus far. you have a media that doesn't hold them accountable. you have a romney that doesn't hold them accountable. i can't answer that for you. i think romney was very focused on a forward vision and felt it was enough. you really have to expose all the deceit and failed promises of this administration to show people. he said he was going to do this but this is what he delivered. make people feel in it their pockets. you want to talk about electricity costs and coal, talk about people's

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